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NOTE: The following article contains football (soccer) terminology. This piece does an excellent job at describing several of the terms in the following article.


Circulating the web are articles that create a fantasy football club, using American football players. Or more widely known in America as soccer. So without further ado, allow me to name the starting XI that FC Cardinals will field in this imaginative football club.

*For the purposes of this article, FC Cardinals will play one of the lesser used formations in professional soccer, a 1-3-3-3.*

Goalkeeper: Calais Campbell

Campbell is the obvious selection to play goalie. His 6’8 frame and vertical leap of 29.5 inches fits perfectly into a 8×24 foot goal. His ability to punt may come into question, so he could always roll it to the sweeper if need be.

Sweeper(1): Dave Zastudil

His lack of speed hurts him as a defender, but his tremendous leg strength makes up for it. His ability to hit the ball where he wants to with extreme accuracy behind his amazing leg strength makes him the prime candidate to play sweeper, who’s main job is to clear the ball if the offense is threatening. While he is 35, this is a fantasy unit, so fans can just imagine him in his younger years.

Defense(3): Kareem Martin, Troy Niklas, Darren Fells

Size dominates our three defenders. All are over 6’5, and none are slow. Initially Martin would be the substitute goalkeeper, but that role is reserved for someone else. Their size will be the deciding factor for opponents crosses and corners.

Midfield(3): Larry Fitzgerald(Captain), Tyrann Mathieu, Michael Floyd

Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd would play the boundaries, stretching the oppositions defense with their speed. Incorporate their ability to leap and win the tough headers in their own box or the oppositions box makes them dangerous at the midfield. Tyrann Mathieu is smaller, but his change of direction ability and speed make him dangerous if he decides to keep the ball and attack with the forwards.

Forwards(3): Ted Ginn JR, Patrick Peterson, John Brown

Speed. That’s what FC Cardinals looks for out of their forwards. Ginn and Brown would play just inside of the Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd, right in the gap that both players create. You have to respect the speed on the outside, allowing the speed of Tyrann Mathieu and Patrick Peterson to create chances on goal inside.

In soccer, you are allowed 12 subs, but only three of them can see the field.

Jay Feely(Sweeper)
Rob Housler(Midfield)
John Carlson(Midfield)
Jaron Brown(Forward)
Jared Veldheer (Keeper)
Deone Bucannon(Midfield)
Antonio Cromartie (Midfield)
Logan Thomas(Midfield)
Andre Ellington(Forward)
Brittan Golden (Forward)
Teddy Williams (Defense)
Danny Hrapmann (Sweeper)

With that, there is your FC Cardinals starting 11 and their substitutes.On paper the unit looks dangerous, with an excellent combination of size and speed, as well as the reserves.

Is there anything you would change, or is the best 11 the Cardinals can field? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

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