Julio Jones: ‘Patrick Peterson is the best CB, not Richard Sherman’

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Who is the best cornerback in the league?  This is a question that’s been asked a lot in recent week, ever since  Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks and Joe Haden of the Cleveland Browns signed long-term contracts with their teams.  Arizona cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson is also in the mix.

In fact, Peterson and Sherman had a bit of a war of words on Twitter as to who was the better of the two corners.  Both feel that they are the best.  Peterson suggested that Sherman is only good in Seattle’s defensive scheme and would be exposed in the Cardinals’ defensive scheme.

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones thinks that the best cornerback of the two is Patrick Peterson.  Peterson and Jones have a history, Jones was at Alabama whereas Peterson was at Louisiana State.  The pair have also met up twice in the pros, most recently in 2013.

“Probably Patrick Peterson,” Jones said. “For me, he follows me everywhere. Sherman (does) every now and then. He usually plays the right side (left side of the defense). The majority of the time, he’s the right (actually left) corner. Pat, he does everything. Not only play cornerback. He can catch a few balls on offense. He can return kicks and punts.”

I do feel the need to point out that Peterson has lost his spark as far as kick and punt returns go.  After his record-equaling four punt return touchdowns as a rookie in 2011, he hasn’t managed to find the endzone since.and his longest return for the last two years is only 26 yards.

Jones is one of the best young receivers in the NFL and he’s got a history of playing against Peterson from their college days.  I would say that’s a pretty good endorsement of who is the best cornerback in the league.  Of course, it;s a debate that won’t go away and it will only get worse once Peterson signs his new contract.

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