Kurt Warner: “I’d Probably Feel More Allegiance to Arizona”

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Larry Fitzgerald and Kurt Warner talk during a game against Seattle on October 18, 2009
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images North America

It has always been the question many Cardinal fans have asked themselves, “Does Kurt Warner prefer Arizona or St. Louis?” That question finally has an answer.

When asked by TMZ Reporters about where his (Warners) allegiances lay, he hesitated, and than said Arizona. Now why does he hold more allegiance to Arizona? It may not be what we had hoped to hear, but it was still a start. The reason for his allegiance to Arizona is mainly because this is the last place he played. There are still teammates of his here, people in the front office, and he still lives in Arizona. That is what he says, but there could very likely me more to that.


It is known that a feud between Warner and the Rams was brewing in 2003 when Marc Bulger was handed the starting job. Warner was sent packing following the 2003 season, and played a year in New York, starting nine games before losing his job to rookie Eli Manning. Warner landed in Arizona, and began the resurgence of his career here. Despite playing behind the fresh faced Matt Leinart for his first year, and for the start of 2007, Warner won the starting job in 2008 and ran away with it, leading Arizona to their only Super Bowl run in team history, before falling short 27-23.

Warner’s mark has been left on both teams, he helped bring both teams to prominence, and soon after he left, both fell back to the bottom.

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