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After this season, former NFL MVP and Arizona legend Kurt  will be eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame. While Cardinal fans likely expect him to be a shoe-in, Warner admits that his body of work may not turn into a Hall of Fame induction.

“It’s hard not to think about it because people always want to ask you about it,” Warner said. “But I try to be realistic. One of the things with athletes, we’re not very realistic with situations. We always think we are the best. But I am realistic with the route it took me to get here and maybe some of the strikes against me, that maybe I didn’t play as certain people or had some bumps in the road. I don’t know if (the Hall of Fame) is going to happen. I don’t know what really determines it. But the great thing is, I am so completely content with what I accomplished on the football field.”

When Warner was at his highest level, very few could go toe-to-toe with the man. He has delivered some of the greatest performances in playoff history, and took both the St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals to Super Bowl appearances. Warner is also a two-time NFL MVP.

While Warner does admit his career had some ups and downs, including an unceremonious exit from St. Louis and a failed stint with the New York Giants, he personally believes that he deserves induction into the exclusive club that is the NFL Hall of Fame.

“I did some things no one has ever done before,” Warner claimed. “I think I played at a Hall of Fame level, at least for a period of time. Does that constitute me being put in the Hall of Fame? I have no idea. I just know I put in the work, and now it’s up to somebody else to wade through and figure out what belongs there. Obviously, from the time you are little, you want to make your mark in whatever you do. For me, it was the National Football League. To finally be here, and to have a lot of people think you will finally get there, you can’t help but think about it and how special it would be.”

Whether or not Warner will get into the Hall of Fame remains to be seen, but either way he will forever hold a special place in the heart of Cardinal fans everywhere.

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