Larry Fitzgerald: ‘Cardinals committed to winning NFC West’

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The NFC West is considered by many to be the best division in football.  Many fans and experts beliee that the two best teams in the division are the San Francisco 49ers and defending Super Bowl champions, the Seattle Swahawks.

Arizona Cardinals’ All Pro wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald disagrees with that assessment   He firmly believes that the Cardinals are the ‘best in the West’ and that the team will finish the 2014 season at the top of the division.  Speaking to Ed Werder on ESPN:

“We always talk about winning the NFC West,” Fitzgerald said. “That’s our goal first and foremost, getting to the playoffs. We did a good job after the bye week, finishing 6-2. Obviously it wasn’t good enough to get us into the tournament but we finished strong and were able to execute more efficiently down the stretch.”

The losses came against San Francisco and Philadelphia.  The Philadelphia loss is the one that stings the most for Cardinals fans, a lot of bad calls were made that contributed to the loss.

Still, Fitzgerald says he respects what the 49ers and Seahawks have done *as well as the Rams) but remains adaant that the Cardinals will be the top team come the end of the season.

“We understand and respect those teams,” Fitzgerald said of the Seahawks and 49ers. “They’re very talented and they’ve been to the playoffs for the last couple years. But we’re very confident in our abilities. We match up very well with those teams and St. Louis as well. We’re confident in our ability to play at a high level against the best teams in the league.”

It won’t be an easy task to win the ‘toughest division in football’ and some people ma even laugh at Fitzgerald.  But then again, not any people had the Cardinals winning ten games in 2013 and coming withing touching distance of a playoff berth.

So really, anything is possible.  It might be the most cliched saying ever but ‘any given Sunday’ comes to mind.

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