Logan Thomas appreciative of high praise but remains modest

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(AP Photo/Matt York)

(AP Photo/Matt York)

Logan Thomas had pretty good pro debut for the Cardinals in last weekend’s 32-0 win over the Houston Texans   Thomas threw for 112 yards and a touchdown while completing 11 of his 12 passes.

Of course, this came against second and third string players on a team who finished 2-14 last year so it shouldn’t’t be taken too seriously.  But for a player who many thought would have no future in the NFL unless he switched to tight end, it was a pretty good performance.

Thomas recieved a lot of precise from experts, including ESPN’s Ron Jaworski.

“When I plugged the tape in yesterday morning, and I saw Logan Thomas, I was shocked. He was fantastic in this game. He’s big, strong, and he can rip throws,” Jaworski said on SportsCenter Wednesday morning. “Of all the rookie quarterbacks that I have watched so far, yes, early in the preseason, Logan Thomas has been the best that I have seen. Unbelievable performance.”

The former Virginia Tech signal caller is appreciative of all the attention his perfoamcne is getting but he won’t let it get to his head, remaining modest about how he did.

“I appreciate it,” he told Bickley and Marotta on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. “I guess I had a pretty decent game Saturday. I had a lot of fun, but I can’t take all the credit — I had some good plays from my receivers.”

“I figured I’d be a lot more nervous going into it, but I think a lot of the help was being able to watch the first half and get adjusted to it and then being able just to sit back, relax and do my own thing in the second half,” he said.

Sadly for many Cardinals fans who’ve taken a shine to Thomas, he won’t be playing in the Cardinals’ second preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings.  Instead, it will be the chance of third-year pro Ryan Lindley to put on a show and prove he’s worth a roster spot.

On a related note, star Vikings running back Adrian Peterson won’t be playing in the game either.

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