Patrick Peterson ranked 22nd best player in the NFL

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NFL Network unveiled the next 10 players in its list of the Top 100 players of 2014 Wednesday night, and Arizona Cardinals pro bowl cornerback Patrick Peterson was ranked as the 22nd best player according to

It is assuring to know that even many of his peers speak highly of him, at least from a positional standpoint. Seeing as how all the other cornerbacks have been named so far on the top 100 list, Peterson appears to be highly touted as the second best corner in the league. The only remaining cornerback yet to, but expected to be revealed is Richard Sherman whom we all know Peterson has shared plenty of beef with this off-season.

Fellow cohorts  Jonathan Joseph, Tim Jennings, Aqib Talib, and teammate Justin Bethel all named Peterson first when asked who they felt who were the top 5 cornerbacks are in the league.

Players around the league respect Peterson’s uncanny ability to cover a team’s top receiver. Though it is assigned to him, he gladly accepts the challenge.

“I love how Richard Sherman plays, but Richard Sherman, he stays on the left side,” Talib said in the Peterson feature. “He don’t take on the challenge of guarding another team’s best receiver.”

“I don’t think many cornerbacks still do that,”  teammate and longtime friend Tyrann Mathieu noted referring to lining up anywhere -outside or in the slot -against the opponent’s number one.

Bethel refers to the game in Tampa Bay last season when describing Peterson in which the Cardinals had to rely on the defense to give them any chance to win after trailing late in the game.

“Of course, they throw it his way, he gets the interception,” he said. “Then not too much later, he gets another one to seal the game. He comes up big time for us when we need it.”

Cleveland’s Joe Hayden praised his ability to change direction and recover.

“Patrick Peterson, of course, is super talented, super speedy.”

We even get a view from a receiver’s perspective as Falcons wide receiver Roddy White calls Peterson a “Phenomenal athlete.” Also noting that Peterson’s intangibles are insane between his size, speed and leaping ability are “like receiver numbers, but at cornerback.”

John Abraham also chimed in by adding that he makes insane interceptions look easy in practice.

It is clear to see why Peterson has appeared in three straight Pro Bowls. Sherman may be ranked higher then he on the list, but it is quite eminent he is in the conversation as to how players around the league view Peterson as a player, and respect the way he plays the game.

All quotes according to Jess Root of Revenge of the Birds.

Phoenix Sports-Kings Co-Lead Columnist Jason Mulkey @_JayBird79

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