Take it or leave it: Tyson Clabo

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(photo courtesy of www.thefinsiders.com)

(photo courtesy of www.thefinsiders.com)


Apparently, to have three men battle it out to determine the starting right tackle for the Arizona Cardinals just is not good enough.  The team reportedly brought in 10-year veteran offensive lineman Tyson Clabo for a work on Monday, but despite the Cardinals interest, Clabo was not able to come to an agreement according to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Caplan.

Clabo started in 15 games for the Miami Dolphins last season (2013). Prior to that, he spent nine seasons with the Atlanta Falcons (2004-2012).

Bradley Sowell and Bobby Massie supposedly were the ones to battle for the rights at right tackle. Until just last Friday, Nate Potter’s name came into the mix according to Kyle Odegard of azcardinals.com. Perhaps the Cardinals are searching for that Eric Winston of a season ago, whom they could still sign by the way if they absolutely wanted to. Though I suppose if they really absolutely wanted to do so, they would have already resigned him by now. Never the less the Cardinals still must feel like they need a more proven veteran than what they currently have on the roster.

Although Clabo refused to sign on Monday, that does not completely discard any discussions in the future to renegotiate another deal, but with General Manager Steve Keim’s “Take it or leave it” approach, one would think the Cardinals are moving on, and the offer for Clabo is off the table.

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