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No, Larry Fitzgerald did not pose for Playgirl magazine, nor has he played a role in the Magic Mike sequel. Instead, the Arizona Cardinals star wide receiver posed nude for the ESPN the magazine annual issue of nude athletes called, “The Body Issue.”

It is somewhat similar to ESPN’s own version of their swimsuit issue, except well obviously they are nude.

It is not meant to generate sex appeal, although for some out there it very well could, after all, they are naked right. Well this magazine, just like the athletes they cover, have to keep it professional. Therefore, their primary focus is just to display the body (young and old), and how it works without the uniform. This year they chose Fitzgerald’s body.

There are no photos of it yet. The issue will not hit newsstands until July 11 of this year. However, Darren Urban of did manage to find this screen shot of Fitzgerald in a promo video done by ESPN.



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You can click here to see the promo video of the featured magazine courtesy of They also included a little tease of the issue, which you can catch a brief shot of the receiver posing, but what is even funnier is the voice you hear towards the end of the video saying, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” That is clearly the voice of Fitz perhaps acting a bit embarrassed to say the least.

The soon to be 31-year-old certainly still remains in excellent shape after all these years. We all know what he does during this dead time of the year in between mini camps and training camp. In fact, Fitz should be at the University of Minnesota right about now preparing for his own private training camp that he likes to put on every year. He invites teammates, and other athletes from around the league to participate. Nonetheless, it is in effort for him as well as others to keep their body in football shape in order to prepare for the upcoming season.

Fitzgerald is not the first Arizona athlete to partake in the infamous magazine though. Mercury star guard Diana Taurasi actually appeared on the cover for some regions. Former Suns Power Forward/Center Amare Stoudemire was featured in the magazine, even though the issue came out while he was on his way out of Phoenix.  Even a former teammate of Fitz’s Adrian Wilson’s body had been featured in the magazine once before.

Fitzgerald without a doubt has done something that he is not accustomed to, but with a well-conditioned frame like the one, he has, would you blame him. It is worth noting that in a text message sent to Urban, Fitzgerald did mention that is was “tastefully done.”

Could be worse, you could get Bruce Arians.

Phoenix Sports-Kings Co-Lead Columnist Jason Mulkey @_JayBird79

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