Top 10 Worst Arizona Cardinals Draft Busts (Series 6 of 10)

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We have officially reached the halfway point in the series revealing the top 10 worst draft busts for the Arizona Cardinals.

Before we (HINT)muscle up the 5th biggest bust though, me must quickly review who has been portrayed in this series so far. Cody Brown started us off at number 10. Followed by the man they called “Lectric Leelend,” which I’m just guessing her, but that must have been short for “Electric Leeland McElroy” as the 9th bust of the series. Then came Chuck Levy at number 8. Anthony Thompson went in as the third running back in a row revealed in the series at number 7; and in the last series Bryant Johnson never lived up to his first round draft status, therefor he made the list at number 6.

So if you still have your popcorn from series 6; imagine them now as little steroid pills, as we muscle through the 5th worst bust. You don’t have to pass a sobriety test to figure this one out.

David Boston, WR/1999, 1st round(8th overall)


David Boston tested positive for steroids in 2004 with the Miami Dolphins, and is seen here showing off the results of his use perhaps. He was suspended for the first four games that season, yet sat out the entire season due to torn knee ligaments(photo courtesy of


David Boston was probably best known for his game winning touchdown catch in an intense, last-minute affair between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Arizona State Sun devils the 1997 Rose Bowl. He was drafted in 1999 by the Cards with one year of eligibility left in college.  Boston muscled up pretty quick, and the 2001 season earned him a pro bowl appearance with 98 receptions for 1598 yards and eight touchdowns. His career as a Cardinal came to an end when he was busted for DUI. 

In 2003 San Diego Chargers made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, when they signed him for a seven-year, $47 million contract($12 million guaranteed). Boston developed a reputation for having a short temper, and indolent practice habits; therefore he only lasted one season as a receiver for the Bolts. He would attempt to rejuvenate his playing career with stints in Miami, and Tampa Bay, but failed miserably as his NFL legacy would be derailed with so many off the field issues, stemming from multiple DUI’s, assault charges, and failed drug tests for cocaine, marijuana, and steroids.

The assault charge came after football as a result of an incident where Boston was accused of beating a woman after a night of drinking. It would land him in prison for six months, but it could have a much longer sentence if Boston hadn’t of convinced the judge that concussions were the result of his actions off the field.

Boston was a definite bust for the Cardinals, but I think it’s safe to say that he was a bust for other teams as well.

We’re not done yet, as I must unveil yet another honorable mention, and boy is it a big one. This guy was supposed to be a huge upgrade(figuratively speaking) for the Cardinals offensive line, but the team had other ideas:

Leonard Davis G/LT/2001, 1st round(2nd overall)

The 6’6″ 355lbs guard from the University of Texas literally fell into the lap of the franchise in the 2001 draft. He fit it quite nicely for the Cardinals for at least the first three seasons he had been on the team. The Cardinals had many issues with the offensive line for many years; most predominantly at the left tackle position. So in 2004 Davis was moved from his guard position to left tackle, and his performance began to dwindle as he would constantly struggle trying to protect the blind side of his quarterback(s). In 2007 the big man became a free-agent and signed with Dallas; where they moved him back inside to guard, and he suddenly became the pro bowl player that he should have been in Arizona.  He would never be the same after that however, as he was released by the Cowboys for declining play(also salary cap issues). Davis would try to further his career with stops in Detroit and San Francisco, but he would prove to be nothing more than a back up player just occupying a roster spot.

Davis may have been a bust on other lists; but because he was forced against his will to play a position he was very unfamiliar with in Arizona, then went on to become a pro bowl player with another team that moved him back to his original position, we should give him the benefit of the doubt. Not sure as to why his career went seemingly downhill after his pro bowl year, but let’s just say; a man of his size doesn’t exactly fall into the category of the “greatest shape.”

The next series will give us the 4th biggest draft bust; as we continue to get to the bottom of it all, and discover the best, or worst yet to come.


Phoenix Sports-Kings contributor Jason Mulkey @_JayBird79

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