Tyrann Mathieu responds to tweet about Josh Gordon with serious response

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Tyrann Mathieu takes a moment during pre game stretches. Mandatory Credit: azcardinals.com

The Tyrann Mathieu drug scandal has been analyzed again and again, so much so that fans grow tired reading about it, but are enamored with just how far Mathieu has come since. On Monday, one fan tweeted about Josh Gordon and his drug issues saying Gordon needed to start hanging out with Mathieu. He added Mathieu’s twitter handle, with belief that the second year player would not respond. It turns out Mathieu would.

While it is clear that Mathieu could offer some perspective to Gordon, who showed plenty of promise in 2013, Mathieu himself is still trying to grow and develop himself as a person off the football field. He does not want to run the risk of screwing up the future he has built for himself following his drug abuse in college. He knows he has made strides to shaking the habit for good, but he also realizes the danger is still present. While Mathieu took the mature approach to the situation, NFL Hall of Famer, Deion Sanders, thought it was a joking remark, and had this to say.

Sanders later went on to defend his tweet saying;

Mathieu has received nothing but praise for the way he handled himself on twitter, and it truly does show just how much Mathieu is fighting to change himself for the better. Whether or not Gordon can start to do the same for himself is yet to be seen, but one can only hope he finds a way to fix his habits before it is too late for the young and promising player.

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