Veteran LB James Harrison to visit with the Cardinals

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The Arizona Cardinals are reportedly bringing in veteran pass-rusher James Harrison for a visit on Wednesday.

While it’s likely a depth move, Harrison is no longer the beast he once was, the prospect of signing the two-time SUper Bowl winner will not fill many Cardinals fans with much joy.  Harrison was the man who intercepted Kurt Warner and ran it home for a 100 yard touchdown in the Super Bowl of 2008.

Harrison is even less popular due to the attention he receives from the NFL for some of his hits while with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He has a reputation of being a dirty player.  Of course, a fans opinion doesn’t really matter and there’s obviously a reason for bringing the five-time Pro Bowler in for a visit.

With the recent  DUIarrest of fellow veteran linebacker John Abraham, and his long delay in reporting to training camp, I wonder if the visit has anything to do with that?  We will see.

The 36-year old Harrison spent the past year with the Cincinnati Bengals after being released by the Steelers where he recorded two sacs in ten starts.



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