WATCH: Antonio Cromartie run a 4.30 40 yard dash

  • Marcus Burnan

The Arizona Cardinals signed  cornerbackAntonio Cromartie to a one-year deal back in March.  He’d previously played for the New York Jets and had been allowed to walk from the team despite being a Pro Bowl choice

Cromartie want’s to prove he still has it and decided to post a video of him running a 4.30 40-yard dash.

“And ppl say I’ve lost a step. Only thing I can do laugh at you all. Ran 4.34 & 4.36 in the 40 today after a workout and I’m only getting faster.”

Fellow cornerback and former track star Ted Williams gave Cromartie a bit of stick on Twitter, saying that Cromartie was the third fastest player on the team behind himself and wide receiver Ted Ginn. Cromartie responded that he’s 30 ears old.

I think Cromartie has proved his point.  He can still run fast, but can he cover?  We will hae to wait and see.

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