WATCH: Darnell Dockett’s response to the NFL banning customized facemasks

  • Marcus Burnan

Recently, the NFL announced the banning of all non-standard facemasks.  In other words, players like Justin Tuck, Robert Mathis and our own Darnell Dockett cannot wear a customized facemask either in training camp or the regular season.

In fact, Dockett had recently revealed a new facemask design for the 2014 season.

With the news of the total ban on the facemasks, Dockett make an Instagram video with the reminder that no one had done custom facemasks like he had.  He had also sported one in the 2013 season which prompted the NFL to ban them unless a player had medical clearance to wear them.

The video shows a hooded man, as the guard reaches out to pull the mask off the video cuts to a short clip of Dockett running towards the camera in slow-motion.  It’s pretty cool.

NFL banned the face mask…. Just know, no one did it like i did it.. #birdgangtherealonethough#BAINisMYrealBROTHER

Dockett does have a point, no one did a facemask like he did.  The facemask-and-visor combo made him look like Optimus Prime.  It’s a real shame we’ll never be able to see these masks again.

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