Watch: Dockett, Sowell fight at practice

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The Arizona Cardinals had only their second fight under Bruce Arians regime. Tackle Bradley Sowell and defensive end Darnell Dockett got into a scuffle during the teams first practice since their 32-0 rout of the Houston Texans.


The video shows the start of the fight, Sowell taking Dockett to the ground on a routine play, and the two would get more into it shortly after.

According to Sowell, the two players had been getting chippy through out practice that day and he knew that a fight was looming.

Both players were forced to run laps for the remaining time of practice, which wound up being 30 minutes. At one point, Sowell caught up to Dockett during their laps and the two exchanged words. According to Sowell the exchanged was along the lines of;

“It was ‘We’re still teammates, let’s finish up this running and get by it.’ We both have played a little bit of football in the league. We both know how it is. Neither one of us want to lose,” Sowell said.

Both will be back at practice, and it is unlikely either faces heavy repercussions for their actions, but they will likely be front and center during the interviews today.

As a friend and fellow Cardinal enthusiast said, “Bradley doesn’t look to be doing ‘So well'”.

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