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Kevin Towers speaks at a Diamondbacks press conference (photo courtesy of

Kevin Towers speaks at a Diamondbacks press conference (photo courtesy of


His contract may have been extended to stay beyond 2014, but after a very shaky start to a season in which two key pitchers Patrick Corbin, and David Hernandez were lost due to season ending elbow surgery, (Tommy John Surgery)  it does not bode well for Arizona Diamondbacks general Manager Kevin Towers.

Towers took over as Diamondbacks General Manager in 2010; after a 14 year stint with the San Diego Padres, who dismissed him despite the team winning four division titles, and a World Series appearance in 1998. The GM perhaps was hired to the Diamondbacks due to his ability to find great talent, (mostly pitching) even in a scrap-heap. He certainly came in and made a lot of changes. However, most, if not all of those changes could have affected the future state of the Diamondbacks. Sure he has found some good talented players, like he did for the Padres; but the prospects he traded away for the teams current roster seem to be having success with other teams.

It certainly is gut-retching to watch this team that Towers put together since his take-over, continue to struggle night in and night out. Some may argue that he dismantled it instead, by trading away up-and-coming talent this team may have already had. Most of those (pitcher) prospects were down in the farm system being groomed for the team’s future. The Diamondbacks in fact, may have had one of the best farm systems in terms of pitching prospects in the league. Towers took a huge risk by trading them away though, even theoretically just gave them away for nothing.

One of those prospects happened to be Tyler Skaggs, who Towers acquired from the Angels farm system,(along with Patrick Corbin and others) but was sent back to the Angels in a trade this last off-season. At the young age of 22, Skaggs had a lot of potential, and became (like Archie Bradley) a potential superstar in the making not to part ways with. However, Skaggs had struggles with his velocity issues; which could have been the very reason for his departure. So far this season back with Anaheim, Skaggs has seemed to pick it back up though; and that has left many Diamondbacks fans scratching their heads, perhaps even the general manager himself.

A couple of other transactions that Towers has made pitching wise, are the additions of Brandon McCarthy, and Trevor Cahill. Both were acquired from Oakland were they both excelled at their pitching crafts. Not one of those guys has found it here in Arizona yet unfortunately. Cahill in fact has just recently been pulled out of the rotation for inheriting a 9.17 ERA so far in his 2014 season. McCarthy is probably right behind him as he is off to a bad start as well. Could there be a trend here? Perhaps between the two states, Arizona and California. They are two different climates anyway; with an ocean covering the whole entire western border of California. That is a whole new different story for a different day though.

Towers has made his mistakes with pitching prospects, but there is no question; the trade that sent former franchise player (outfielder)  Justin Upton to the Atlanta Braves has got to be the one that stands out the most. It is clear that the Braves won that deal as yet again, the players the Diamondbacks got in return, (Martin Prado amongst others) have not lived up to their expectations yet. Upton has had his struggles in Atlanta, but still has made a better impact on his new team, than Prado has to his.

These moves; along with a few others, have proved to be very controversial for the GM, and there has been no proof as of late that it is working for the Diamondbacks. For these reasons, Kevin could easily find himself powerless, and be out of a job very soon.

At least ESPN Insider Keith Law, who was recently a guest on the Doug and Wolf  show thinks so:




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