Paul Goldschmidt says he will pass on Home Run Derby if asked

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With July right around the corner there are certain thing you can be sure to count on. Fireworks, hot dogs and the MLB All-Star game and festivities to name a few. But one thing Arizona Diamondbacks fans will not be able to count on is their star slugger Paul Goldschmidt participating in the Home Run Derby at the All Star break this year.

“It’s not something, if they ask, that I’d be interested in doing.” -Goldschmidt

That might come as a disappointment to some Arizona fans and maybe even some fans around the country. Goldschmidt has been a big time slugger ever since entering the league back in 2011 when he hit 8 home runs in only 48 games. In his first full season the following year in 2012 he went on to hit 20 home runs in 145 games and then went on to belt 36 homers, which was tied for the best in the National League last year.

He would definitely be able to put on a show which is what every fan of the long ball spectacle wants to see. Just last year he seemed interested in participating. However Goldschmidt has been on record as saying that he does not think his swing in conducive for the Home Run Derby when asked last year.

“If I was asked I’d consider it, but my swing isn’t really conducive to the Derby,”

Goldschmidt attended last years All-Star game and will be expected to be there again this year as he is currently in the lead for votes for all National League first basemen. He has 15 home runs this year, sixth best in the National League.

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