Arizona State WR Ellis Jefferson ready to step up

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On Thursday after practice, Arizona State head coach Todd Graham noticed one of his wide receivers leaving the field after doing some extra drills.  Graham decided to walk over and congratulate the wide receiver for his good performances in the team drills.

The wide receivers name is Ellis Jefferson.  Ellis Jefferson is ready to step up and help the Sun Devils’ shaky wide receiver corps.

Speaking about the practice, Jefferson said that he felt he had a bad practice and wanted to work on some extra things.

“I think honestly I had a bad practice,” Jefferson said. “What ya’ll see with the catches, yeah, those are good, but with the run plays and all that stuff I thought I didn’t have a good practice. I had a lot of (missed assignments) and all that stuff, so there’s a lot I need work on.”

As a true freshman in 2013, Jefferson was one of the stars of fall camp.  Unfortunately an injury forced him to redshirt.  Now a redshirt freshman, Jefferson feels as if he can contribute to the Sun Devils and get playing time.

“I just want playing time,” Jefferson said.

That could come sooner than he thinks.  ASU have a depleted wide receiver corps.  Rick Smith and Kevin Ozier have left the team, and slot receiver D.J  Foster will be moved to a backfield role.  This only leaves junior Jaelen Strong.

Strong is considered to be one of the best wide outs in the PAC-12 and has one position locked down.  For the number two wide receiver spot, it’s a toss between Jefferson and Eric Lauderdale – a transfer from JUCO – with Lauderdale having the edge.

Jefferson is a big, physical player at 6′ 2″ and 204lbs.  Coach Graham expects him to produce and wants him to be an every down player.

“He needs to be a starter, an every-down guy,” he said. “Big, physical, guy. He’s got to get better getting off the press. Obviously, we press every down, so they get a dose of that. But we expect him to be a guy playing at a high level.”

The Sun Devils are looking to improve on a 10-4 season (8-1 in the PAC-12) in 2014.

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