Wildcats Nick Johnson ‘not sure’ about his future

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(Courtesy of sportsillustrated.cnn.com)

(Courtesy of sportsillustrated.cnn.com)

With one year of eligibility left, Arizona’s Nick Johnson has a career altering decision ahead of him. The choice between staying at school and helping the Wildcats push as potentially favorites to win the National Championship next season. Or declaring for the NBA Draft. If he declares for the NBA Draft then he will most certainly be drafted, potentially in the first round. Some mock drafts have him being picked early in the second round.

“I’m not sure yet.” Johnson told Mike Willard of ESPN LA 710 AM.  “The season just ended a few weeks ago. I’m still trying to get over that. I’m talking to my family, my support system and coach Miller. He’s been through it a few times with some guys and I’m just talking to him and trying to get the right information.”

When asked about the Elite Eight loss to Wisconsin Johnson said “It’s tough.” Also mentioning “”I’ll get a call or text from a friend or family member who follows mock drafts,” Johnson said. “After last year, I just decided not to even pay a lot of attention to it.”

That is a smart mindset from a young athlete that may consider declaring for the NBA Draft instead of playing his final year of eligibility at Arizona. Even NBA mock Drafts are incorrect sometimes, and I can see Johnson even being picked in the first round. He is an efficient, athletic slash guard who can play the point and the two guard if needed.

If his intangibles and aggressiveness translate to the NBA like they should, then expect Johnson to make an immediate impact in the league no matter who drafts him. As long as he is given minutes, and an opportunity to play consistently. Whether that happens next season or the year after I am not sure it really makes a difference as he is NBA ready now.

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