Former Olympic medalist Amy Van Dyken Rouen in ICU at Scottsdale hospital

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Amy Van Dyken Rouen, the former six-time Olympic swimming gold medalist, is in a critical contrition in a Scottsdale hospital after suffering injuries in an apparent all terrain vehicle accident.

Reports have confirmed that Van Dyken-Rouen is in the intensive care unit at the Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center. Her brother, David did say that she was airlifted to the Osborn Medical Center on Friday. Her husband, former Denver Broncos punter Tom Rouen, said she suffered a broken back. The Associated Press reported that she severed her spine. The Van Dyken and Rouen families posted on Facebook that she severed her spinal cord at the T11 vertebrae and that the broken vertebrae came within millimeters of rupturing her aorta.

Van Dyken Rouen has lived in Arizona for several years.  She was a swimmer for the University of Arizona for two years before transferring home to Colorado to attend Colorado State.

She won two gold medals in the 50m freestyle and 100m butterfly at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, also adding two  gold medals in the relay events.  She became the first U,S, woman to win four gold medals at one Olympic event.  She would add another two gold medals to her haul four years later at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

Phoenix Sports-Kings would like to wish Mrs. Van Dyken-Rouen a speedy recovery.

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