Archie Goodwin Arrested in Arkansas for Disorderly Conduct

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Phoenix Suns guard Archie Goodwin was arrested May 4th outside of a skating rink in Arkansas. He was charged with disorderly conduct and refusal to submit to arrest. The 19 year old is entering his second season with the team and this is certainly not how you want to make news in the offseason. As he was exiting the Arkansas Skatium at about 11 p.m. a State Trooper witnessed Goodwin cursing and “exhibiting aggressive gestures” toward another person. Then, according to Arkansas State Police public information office Bill Sadler, the trooper asked Goodwin to stop cursing twice.

As the trooper attempted to arrest Goodwin he reportedly tried breaking away from the troopers hold and afterwards was booked at the Sherwood Arkansas jail. He has a district court date set for June 3. Yet this situation could have been much worse, it was not an incident involving drugs, or a DUI, or even assault. Yes, Goodwin did refuse arrest which is a huge mistake but he can learn and grow from this. He is still a 19 years old young man and his maturation process is far from over.

The University of Kentucky standout had a relatively quiet rookie season as he only averaged 10.3 minutes per game in 52 appearances, also averaging only 3.7 points per game and 1.7 rebounds per game. Suns fans still have a very fresh memory of the season finale in which Goodwin exploded for a career high 29 points, making 11 of 13 shots, while grabbing 4 rebounds. Those statistics, though they are from only one game, display the potential of this talented young athlete.

Even though Archie Goodwin may need to mature off of the court he certainly is more than mature on it. He had the patience to sit back on the bench for a majority of the season and never complain or made excuses, just put his head down and kept working. That being said he needs to learn from this incident and move on because that is all he can do. Coach Hornacek and GM Ryan McDonough will be there to help him. It is important for Goodwin to maintain his focus on basketball. Going into next season Archie will certainly be an impact player off of the bench for the Suns and might just even start in some games.

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