Eric Bledsoe breaks his silence regarding his restricted free agency

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Eric Bledsoe has been quiet all off-season letting his agent handle his restricted free agent contract situation. Well on Saturday in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama at a Ball Up streetball tournament, Bledsoe talked about his situation.

“First off, I’m letting my agent, Rich Paul, handle it. I can understand the Phoenix Suns are using [being a] restricted free agent against me. But I can understand that.”

The Suns are doing the right thing waiting for the market to dictate Bledsoe’s worth. And Suns general manager Ryan McDonough played it to perfection as no team has yet to come forward to offer Bledsoe a max deal. Which is understandable considering he has yet to play a full season as a starter and is coming off an injury plagued year.

However at only 24 years of age Bledsoe has displayed massive potential in the games he played this past year especially alongside Goran Dragic. Those two together made quite the formidable one-two punch for the Suns and possibly could have made it to the playoffs had Bledsoe been healthy all year.

The front office of the Suns has been adamant that they plan on retaining Bledsoe’s services and would match any offer he should receive. That may have frightened some teams away and gave all the leverage to Phoenix. That in turn has Bledsoe and his camp frustrated with the situation. But this is a business and if Phoenix is able to save a few million dollars a year and keep Bledsoe on the roster, than that is the logical business thing to do.

Earlier in the summer the Suns offered Bledsoe a four-year $48 million dollar extension which he quickly declined. That would have netted him an annual salary of $12 million dollars a year. That is not far off from the  from the $16 million a year he would receive annually with the five-year $80 million max deal he is seeking. It would be in the best interest of both parties to come to a resolution soon so as not to have any distractions heading into the upcoming season. Phoenix is a great place for Bledsoe to shine and the Suns would be foolish to let him walk over a couple of million dollars.

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