Len, Goodwin providing more than just fresh legs

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The Phoenix Suns are chasing down a return to the playoffs.  They currently have a 40-29 record and are three games behind the Golden State Warriors and one behind the Memphis Grizzlies for a playoff spot.

While all the attention is on Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe, the Suns’ two rookie first round picks – Alex Len and Archie Goodwin – are quietly going about their business.  They are playing so well that head coach Jeff Hornacek doesn’t have to worry about tightening up his rotation during the playoff charge.

Both Len and Goodwin have become great assets to the Suns this year, proving that they are not just a fresh set of legs but also contributing in important ways.

“I’m just trying to come in and make an impact, whether it’s offensively or defensively,” Goodwin said. “I’m just trying to make something happen in the short minutes I get because it’s key for us to run some wins in a row to make this playoff push. A lot of guys have been playing a lot of minutes. Without playing as much, my legs are still fresh. I’m able to come in and play at a faster pace than a lot of guys who have been playing a lot this season. I still do rookie stuff but on the court I don’t feel like one.” said Goodwin

Hornacek has some encouraging words for Alex Len, the seven foot center from Ukraine.  Len has had some injury concerns in the past, notably with his ankles.  He has since grown in confidence as his ankles become healthier.  Len played a big part in the Suns’ victory against the Detroit Pistons on Friday.

“I envision a few years down the road he’s going to be able to shoot 3-pointers,” Hornacek said. “He’s got a good touch. He’s going to get better and better and he’ll continue to work on that stuff and that’ll be a great weapon for us as he moves on.”

It’s exciting to see the Suns doing well.  Many fans and analysts thought the Suns would be compeating for the lottery.  The Suns have not been to the playoffs since 2008.

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