Report: LeBron James’ agent will meet with Suns, Mavs and Rockets

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According to an NBA insider free agent star LeBron James will not personally meet with teams, instead his agent will do the talking for him. Rich Paul, James’ agent, is expected to meet with multiple teams in Cleveland this week. Even though Suns fans have remained hopeful yet mostly optimistic that James would somehow land in Phoenix, now is the time to realize the Suns are in serious contention to sign the NBA’s best player.

Indeed the Phoenix Suns are one of a handful of teams that will meet with James’ agent this week making them a serious contender to acquire the former Miami Heat star. Yes, it is only the first day of free agency and there will be a number of rumors to be dealt with throughout the rest of the offseason, but remember, James’ is only interested in receiving a max contract. Here are the teams who will meet with James’ agent:

The Miami Heat hold the most cap space now with over $55 million, but they only have one player under contract, Norris Cole. Out of the three teams James’ agent is visiting, the Suns have the second highest salary cap space and the Mavericks are fifth in the league in cap space. This is important to remember as LeBron has never been the highest paid player on any team he has played for. That has to be part of the reason why James will accept nothing more than a max contract. With that being said, the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks both cannot afford signing James to a max contract without unrealistically unloading a good portion of their rosters. 

Even though the Mavericks are fifth in salary cap space they will remain focused on re-signing Dirk Nowitzki first and foremost which gives the Suns the edge over them. The Suns and Rockets have much more youth, talent and overall ability than the Mavs. One of the most important things the Suns need to remember is that LeBron is worth the max salary even if it means the team will miss out on some other free agents. No matter where LeBron signs he will make that team an immediate title contender. Now all fans can do is sit back, hope for the best and enjoy the craziness and insanity that is the NBA free agent period.

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