Suns yet again meet with agent Rich Paul

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Bledsoe looks up at the scoreboard during a game. (USATSI)

The Suns met with player agent Rich Paul for the second time this week. Unlike last time, this meeting had nothing to do with LeBron James.

The Phoenix Suns made it clear they wanted to retain the talent from last years roster. Eric Bledsoe is one of those players. This is the first time that has been reported, that the team has talked to Paul about Bledsoe.

The 24 year old guard was acquired in May 2013 trade that involved the Los Angeles Clippers, Milwaukee Bucks, and Phoenix. He was the 18th overall pick in 2010 draft to the Oklahoma City Thunder, only to be traded to the Clippers.

In 2013 he recorded career highs in points, assists, rebounds, and steals per game. He was held to only 43 games after tearing the meniscus in his right knee.

It was reported that the Milwaukee Bucks, with Jason Kidd at the helm, were planning to offer Bledsoe a substantial offer.

The Suns have around $20 million in cap-space, and if plans for LeBron James fall through the roof, or any other highly regarded free agent for that matter, it would make sense that the Suns offer Bledsoe a max contract. If that happens, he would be scheduled to make just under $15 million per season.

The Suns are in a good place salary wise to sign a key free agent, whilst retaining the talent they put on the court in 2013.


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