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PICTURE: Roy Hibbert towers over Barry Sanders and Colin Kaepernick

  • Jason Whitney

Indiana Pacers big man Roy Hibbert is easily one of the tallest players in the NBA standing at 7’2″. Naturally, Hibbert dwarfs anyone standing next to him. Enter 6’5″ Colin Kaepernick, who posed for a picture with Hibbert while hanging out with other NBA players and NFL legend Barry Sanders. Typically, standing at 6’5″ is considered tall, but Kaepernick must have felt like a smurf while taking a picture with Hibbert. Sanders on the other hand, stands at 5’8″. While that’s not considered tall, it’s generally considered average for an american citizen. However, like Kaepernick, when standing next to Hibbert, Sanders must have felt like an infant

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