Pig head found in Stoke City striker’s locker

  • David Whitlock

There are a lot more questions than answers at Stoke City FC’s Clayton Wood training ground, as 28-year-old striker Kenwyne Jones found a pig’s head in his locker just a couple days before the team’s Premier League finale.  Via Sky News, Brek Shea (an American winger) tweeted the photo (which has since been pulled from Instagram)

Credit @BrekShea and Sky News

Credit @BrekShea and Sky NewsNew

This seems to cross the line of honest clubhouse prank (assuming it was an inside job) and a bona fide hate crime, as Kenwyne Jones, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, is of a religion that doesn’t eat port.  According to the Sky article:

Kenwyne Jones is reportedly a Rastafarian, a religion which does not allow the eating of pork.  In a string of posts on Twitter, the striker’s girlfriend Kissa Abdullah criticised the alleged prank.  She wrote: “Where I come from that’s not anywhere close 2 funny! Esp not knowing religious beliefs.  “It just takes a minute to be sensitive to someone’s beliefs no one says u can’t have a sense of humour but let it be a joke! This wasn’t!”

Also reported as part of the incident was a “first teamer’s” windscreen (British to American translation, windshield) being smashed in the parking lot.  No telling what motivation was in either incident.

Jones may move on from Stoke City after this season Dave Thompson/PA

Jones may move on from Stoke City after this season
Dave Thompson/PA

Stoke City is located about 250 km northeast of London, Liverpool way.  The city is known for pottery, steel and coal mining.

– David Whitlock (@lhd_on_sports)

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