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Prince George (MD) police department Tweeted arrests during Giants, Redskins game

  • Andy Flint

A police department in Prince George, Maryland used a savvy and technologically advanced way to capture disturbances and arrests during the New York Giants and Washington Redskins Monday night showdown.

Using the Twitter handle @PGPDNews, the police department’s media relations division took to the web and Tweeted police reports to it’s followers during the highly anticipated divisional game between the Skinz and G-Men as reported by NY Daily News.

The police department even engaged it’s followers by issuing a special hashtag to use as they made their arrests and reports. Users could simply follow  #PGPDTweetAlong and gather a sense of your typical police ride along from the safety of your computer chair.

The department reported four arrests and 21 ejections during the contest. An important divisional game, which the Redskins won over the defending champion Giants, by a score of 17-16.

One particularly funny Tweet read as follows:

 “An arrested fan is about to spend his time at #FedExField in a cell. #NoRedskinsForYou”

Talk about an interesting and up-to-date way to connect with the world by taking to one of the webs hottest websites and promoting awareness to the moronic actions that take place at sporting events. Perhaps a fresh look at the chaos that takes place at professional sporting contest will open the eyes of many and cause for fans to be more cautious of their actions.

Personally, I’m sick of reading about fans who beat the crap out of other fans just because they root for a different squad. There are supposed to be fans who like your favorite team’s rivals. That is what makes sports so fun. We can’t all like the same team, and although losing sucks, it’s knowing how much losing sucks that makes winning so very sweet. We as people (fans) just need to learn to conduct ourselves in a suitable manner. After all, using our advanced brains is one of the simple things that separates us from the animals. That an an opposable thumb. Don’t let a digit on your hand be the only distinction between you and an ape.

Drink, cheer, cry… don’t fight. Enjoy the game and stay out of jail.



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