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Punter benched more reps than Jadeveon Clowney at combine

  • Jim Racalto


Former Miami Hurricans punter Pat O’Donnell, who was selected in the sixth round by the Chicago Bears in the NFL draft, apparently has the upper body strength to match his impressive leg power.

The first overall pick by the Houston Texans, former South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, benched 225 pounds a stellar 21 times at the combine. O’Donnell, in a display of strength not often seen by a kicker, did 23 reps.

It’s sort of funny, but not overly surprising, as O’Donnell isn’t exactly small. He reminds me of New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford. This will probably be the only time a kicker takes a headline over Clowney over the course of his career.

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