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Rajon Rondo Making an R&B Album?

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Are we looking at the next Usher in that Celtic uniform?


Rajon Rondo has been in the news a lot lately, mostly for being suspended one game for making contact with an official in game one of the Boston Celtics series against the Atlanta Hawks. It is possible that Rondo used that time to work on another alleged talent of his, R&B singing.

In an interview with, Rondo told GlobalGrind “I might be coming out with an R&B CD.” He couldn’t identify the album or artist he is with, but he called the collaborator on the track a “female Drake.”

We have seen many guys go this route before, though it is usually rapping, and not singing. Like Metta World Peace and Shaq before him, Rondo needs to just make sure that his off the court aspirations don’t conflict with his on the court performance. Trust me, he won’t get triple platinum if he is riding the bench for Doc Rivers and the Celtics. Good play on the courts equals good sales off the court. Maybe that could be the title of Rondo’s debut album.


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