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Rams RB Terrence Ganaway working at Jimmy Johns sandwich shop

  • Arun Morace

Jimmy JohnsOften times, we hear about NFL players getting in trouble during the offseason. But Terrence Ganaway, a running back for the St. Louis Rams entering his second NFL season, has found a pretty unique way to keep himself busy: he’s working at a sandwich shop.

Ganaway is working 12 hours a week at a Jimmy Johns sandwich shop in Waco, Texas to earn himself a little extra scratch, and to keep himself out of the kind of trouble that all too often finds football players when the league is not in session.

Via USA Today:

My #1 job is to be an NFL player…Really, Jimmy Johns is to keep me out of trouble in all the downtime we have in the offseason.”

Good for him. Again, all too often we hear about NFL players involved in drunk driving, drug use, or various other illegal activities during the offseason, incidents that provide negative examples for the kids who look up to them as role models,  incidents that often lead to suspensions or jail time, keeping them from making an impact for our favorites teams. It’d be nice if players like Ganaway became the norm in the NFL….but this writer isn’t going to hold his breath waiting for that to happen.

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