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Ravens’ McKinnie owes $375,000 to strip club

  • Arun Morace

Ravens’ OL Bryant McKinnie, above, is being sued for $375,000 over strip club debt. Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Bryant McKinnie is being sued for $375,000 in relation to a debt he allegedly owes to a South Florida strip club owner, according to NBCMiami. This is not a joke.

Apparently, in a seventeen-month stretch from February 2009-September 2010, McKinnie accumulated quite a high tab at several strip clubs owned by Charles “Pop” Young. McKinnie never paid up, and now Young is suing McKinnie for $375,000, a figure totaled to include McKinnie’s original tab, plus interest and Young’s operating costs. None of this should be a complete surprise, seeing as McKinnie was part of the “Love Boat” scandal back when he played for the Vikings, so his decision-making regarding, um, escorts and the like shouldn’t come as news to anyone.

Making matters more interesting is that according to the lawsuit, McKinnie even signed a note promising that he would pay his debt….but never actually paid a dime of it.

So, has Bryant McKinnie been taking financial advice from Vince Young? This is the same guy who took out a loan from the Pro Player Funding group during the NFL lockout, a loan he apparently now owes $4.5 million on.

As they say, a fool and his money are soon parted…especially a fool at a strip club.

By Arun Morace

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