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Ray Edwards: Boxing is safer than football

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Former Atlanta Falcons defensive end Ray Edwards retired from the league (or was forced to, since he couldn’t find work) in order to pursue his boxing career back in 2011 during the NFL lockout, and hasn’t looked back. Edwards, who played in the NFL from 2006-2010, says that his new sport, boxing, is safer than his former sport, football. On the surface, this may seem like a ridiculous claim, since the premise of boxing is taking direct blows to the face with no helmets, pads, etc. However, Edwards comes at it from a different angle.Here are some details via

“Football is the only sport that is 100-percent injury prone,” Edwards tells Martin Rogers of Yahoo! Sports.  “[In football], you don’t know what is coming, where you are going to get hit, how you are going to get hit.  You play for a long time, chances are you are going to tear your MCL or ACL. You can break your leg, snap your femur, break your arm, break your neck. . . .

“In boxing you know where the hits are coming from – it is the guy stood in front of you.  In boxing you might break your hand or break your nose and if you get knocked out you can get a concussion.  But also, the referee is right there and you are more protected.  In football, you never know.  The game moves at such a pace that you might never see it coming.  You can get hit when you are completely defenseless.”

I tend to agree with Edwards, especially on the specific point of his argument that football can cause you harm to EVERY part of your body potentially, as boxing leaves you limited. Whether that makes boxing “safer” is definitely a matter of opinion, as both sports are extremely dangerous. I could tell you that being a firefighter is more dangerous than being a police officer, or vice-versa, but that doesn’t change the fact both risk their lives every day.

Edwards is currently undefeated in his short boxing career with a record of 4-0 with three KO’s.

By: Frank Santos

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