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Ray Rice: “My wife can do no wrong”

  • Jim Racalto
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Ravens running back Ray Rice took questions from the media Thursday for the first time since the awkward press conference during which he apologized for KO’ing his wife.

Via PFT:

“My actions that night were totally inexcusable,” he began. “That’s not me. That’s something I have to live with the rest of my life.”

Rice didn’t want to re-live what he called “the incident,” but said he “owned it,” and it was the “biggest mistake of my life.”

“My wife can do no wrong,” he said, several times.

Rice also said he is still undergoing mandatory counseling for domestic violence, and plans to talk to his wife about it when “the time is right.”

Details are still sketchy about what caused the incident, but to actually proclaim another human being can do no wrong is a bit over the top on Rice’s part.

As for football, Rice is looking to bounce back from his worst season ever as a starter in 2014.

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