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Raymond Felton issues threats towards Portland Trail Blazers organization

  • Jason Whitney

Raymond Felton warned the Trail Blazers to stay away from him

Apparently Raymond Felton wasn’t kidding when he said playing for the Portland Trail Blazers was the ” worst moment I had in basketball for sure.” The New York Knicks have been struggling as of late, and have to back-to-back games that will be more hostile than your typical NBA road game. Tonight, the Knicks take on Carmelo Anthony’s old team, the Denver Nuggets. Then, they immediately head for Portland to take on Raymond Felton’s former team, the Portland Trail Blazers.

Felton was commenting on the matchup versus his old team Thursday night and issued some warnings among other things.


Portland fans you have nothing to fear as Felton made it clear he will not attack any of you. However, Mr. Felton isn’t very fond of the Trail Blazer upper management.


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