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2015 Recap: Washington Nationals

  • Tristan Tippet
Bryce Harper had the highest WAR in a season in Nationals' history Credit: Photo File

Bryce Harper had the highest WAR in a season in Nationals’ history Credit: Photo File

Washington Nationals (83-79 second place in NL East)

The expectations and the inability of the Nationals to live up to those expectations overshadowed the long-awaited emergence of Bryce Harper, who should win the NL MVP. The Nationals added Max Scherzer to a starting rotation that had four starters with an ERA under three in 2014. Scherzer was the only starting pitcher to finish with an ERA under three this year. Ryan Zimmerman, Jayson Werth, Anthony Rendon and Denard Span all failed to play 100 games also helped the Nationals to win just 83 games and finish second in the NL East.

Top Performers

RF Bryce Harper: G 153, AB 521, HR 42

SP Max Scherzer: GS 33, IP 228.2, ERA 2.79

SP Jordan Zimmermann: GS 33, IP 201.2, W-L 13-10

SP Gio Gonzalez: GS 31, IP 175.2, W-L 11-8

SP Stephen Strasburg: GS 23, IP 127.1, W-L 11-7

Biggest need: Left fielder

Jayson Werth had the most plate appearances in left field with 322 and in 88 games hit .221 with a .384 slugging percentage and he rated negatively in the field. Werth signed a seven-year $126 million contract in 2011 and for the most part he’s been an above average player but he’s played at least 130 games twice in five years and he’ll be 37 next year. Matt den Dekker is the backup left fielder, but Michael Taylor and Clint Robinson saw more action in left because of their pop. They had the worst value in baseball in left field.

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