Andre Ethier Gets 10th Consecutive Hit To Break Dodgers Record

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Photo Credit : shaindlin/Creative Commons

Andre Ethier is now the only player in Dodgers history to record 10 consecutive hits. That is truly an amazing feat. Think about it. If he would of just gotten 3 hits out of those 10 at bats he would be considered a great hitter. But 10 of 10. Wow.  That’s just remarkable milestone for Ethier.

He achieved it on a bloop single to centerfield, that had a chance to be caught.

According to Elias Records, Ethier is tied for third with nine others who have 10 consecutive hits. The two players ahead of him have 12 consecutive hits, and they are Mike Higgins (1938), and Walt Dropo (1952). Dropo had no walks over his 12 consecutive hits, while Higgins has two.

Ethier too has no walks, so if he can get three consecutive hits, in his next three plate appearances he’ll hold the record, and without a walk between.

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