Benches Clear Again After Ian Kennedy Nails Zach Greinke

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Miguel Montero, Yasiel Puig

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West Coast baseball, you got to love it.  Too bad folks out east aren’t awake to witness physical type baseball.  They only here about stories the next morning.  Anytime Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, Zach Greinke is on the mound watch out.  This is the second time he and his team were involved in a bases clearing brawl.  Luckily he wasn’t injured this time, especially after Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher, Ian Kennedy hit Greinke with a pitch.  Now, that was the second time Ian hit a Dodger as he nailed Yasiel Puig in the face in the sixth inning.

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Puig is badass, he was struck by a 92mph pitch in the face, blood coming from the nose or mouth; but it didn’t stop him from continuing play as he stayed in the ballgame.   Zack Greinke hit Miguel Montero with a pitch to leadoff the next half-inning, presumably in retaliation.  Benches cleared on both sides but nothing much came about it. 

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Now see what happens when Zach Greinke is gets beaned.
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Expect some suspensions after this brawl, one naming Ian Kennedy.

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