Brewers acquire Gerardo Parra

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The Milwaukee Brewers may have pulled off the most underrated trade so far. The Brewers acquired right fielder Gerardo Parra from the Arizona Diamondbacks for minor leaguers Mitch Haniger and Anthony Banda.

Parra is having a down year hitting .259 with a .667 OPS. Parra’s career average is .274 and has sneaky pop and sneaky speed. But he’s also an outstanding outfielder. He’s led the league in assists two times and leads with eight again this year and has great range.

The Brewers are a great offensive but were in need of an upgrade defensively. Parra should provide a nice balance and his offense should improve in a potent lineup.

The Brewers could move Khris Davis or Ryan Braun to first base, which is a position they’ve needed all season.

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