Cano reveals American League Home Run Derby Participants

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USA Today reports that Cano revealed his AL Home Run Derby team this afternoon. Jose Bautista, Prince Fielder, and Mark Trumbo will accompany last years Home Run Derby Champion.

Bautista has the most home runs of the four AL participants with 26. Then it goes Cano and Trumbo with 20, and then finally Fielder with 12. I’m guessing Comerica Park has something to do with Fielder’s lack of home runs midway through the season.

While on the National League side, Matt Kemp announced that he will still be participating despite being on the DL. The players to join him will be Carlos Beltran with 20 home runs, Giancarlo Stanton with 19 home runs, and Carlos Gonzalez with 17 home runs. Kemp has 12 home runs this year, the same number as Fielder. Only Kemp has played in 36 games this year to Fielder’s 79.

It should be a fun an exciting event. The Home Run Derby never gets old.


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