Major League Baseball acquires Japanese League, plans to relocate four teams

Bud Selig greets "Suzuki-san" Credit: Getty Images North America

Oakland Athletics clubhouse plagued by more sewage problems

Crews clean up some sewage "issues" in 2013 (Credit: USA Today)

Yasiel Puig already rubbing Mattingly, teammates the wrong way

A pudgy Puig running himself out of a play on Saturday in Sydney (Credit: AP Photo/Rick Rycroft)

Two-thirds of Los Angeles region can’t watch Dodgers on TV


San Francisco Giants willing to temporarily share home park with Oakland Athletics

An olive branch was extended by the Giants, but there are strings behind it Credit:

Auburn’s Hunter Kelley in shock

 (Photo by Todd Van Emst/Auburn University)

Johan Santana barely tickles 80 MPH on radar gun during tryout

Santana may never take the mound again, as his velocity is down (Credit: AP/Bill Kostroun)

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