Comedian George Lopez hangs out with the Tigers, jokes about A-Rod

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Comedian George Lopez stopped by the Tigers practice and had some fun

Comedian George Lopez was making the rounds in Detroit before performing at the Fox Theatre Saturday night and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers who are freshly off their easy four-game sweep over the New York Yankees, welcomed the TV star with open arms Saturday afternoon. Lopez cracked wise and had some fun with the players while making a funny joke at Alex Rodriguez’s expense.

“I told Miggy that a Latino winning the Triple Crown is as impressive as having a black president — or potentially an orange one — and he started laughing,” Lopez said.

Lopez then talked a bit about his hometown Los Angeles Dodgers and their recent struggles with ownership.

“I’m from L.A., so we’ve been without baseball the past few years; we’re under construction,” he chided. “They’re going in the right direction, clearly. When you’re not in bankruptcy, you’re obviously doing better. When you’re not taking funds from the team and building a lap pool for your old lady and the money’s actually going back to the team, you’re going in the right direction.”

Then George Lopez gave us a little tease about his act Saturday night in which he planned on making fun of the messy Yankee situation and more specifically the Alex Rodriguez drama.

“I’m divorced, but if I want a chick now, I’ll just sign a baseball and throw it to her,” Lopez said, joking about the tabloid story about A-Rod that surfaced early in the ALCS. “This is a great town and obviously a good energy in it.

“When you have to tarp off seats at Yankee Stadium — they do that stuff in movies, or in Oakland — that’s pretty bad.”

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