Cubs chairman: We will consider moving from Wrigley Field if new improvements aren’t made

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The legendary Wrigley field
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When you think of the greatest stadiums in the history of Major League Baseball, you would be hard-pressed to find a person that does not include the legendary Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. There are not many stadiums left that existed more than fifty years with teams consistently moving to bigger, more “state of the art” stadiums. It seems that the Chicago Cubs may follow suit if their demands aren’t met, according to Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts.

Here is the scoop via Gabe Lacques of USA Today:

Speaking at an event at the City Club of Chicago that included members of a rooftop residences’ group, Ricketts told the assembled media and public that if the Cubs “cannot get approval for this plan and our signage plans are blocked we will then consider moving out of Wrigley Field.”

That is a very strong statement, and I would be curious how the loyal fan-base of the Chicago Cubs would feel about Ricketts using Wrigley as a negotiating threat, which seems to be the case. The situation also gets a bit more complicated, as owners of buildings surrounding Wrigley are threatening legal action if Ricketts and Cubs management get their way:

Owners of buildings with rooftop views of the ballpark, who charge fans for access to watch Cubs games, worry such a board would block their sight lines and have vowed legal action if that happens.

Either way, it would be a shame to see the Cubs leave one of the only legendary stadiums still in existence. We will have to stay tuned to see how this saga plays out.

By: Frank Santos


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