Cubs honor “A League of Their Own” women

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"A League of Their Own's" Rockford Peaches. Credit Twitter: @Cubs

A League of Their Own’s” Rockford Peaches. Credit Twitter: @Cubs

The Chicago Cubs continued their 100-year celebration of Wrigley Field by commemorating the All-American Girls Professional League, the most prominent and successful women’s baseball league on record.

Jeneane Lesko threw out the first pitch. Lesko pitched in the AAGBPL and also competed in four U.S. Women Open tournaments on the LPGA.

The AAGBPL was founded by the Cubs’ owner at the time Philip Wrigley during World War II. The league existed from 1943 to 1954.

WWII had called many of Major League Baseball’s players, including stars like Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio. People like Wrigley had no baseball product to sell and were searching for some kind of compensation.

They experimented with the idea of women’s baseball. It was a challenge to draw fans accustomed to men’s baseball, and the league struggled. Even league officials themselves didn’t take it seriously and treated it as an exhibition rather than an actual competition.

What they discovered however, were young women hungry for the opportunity to play competitively in a professional setting. The women’s passion and dedication helped bring a contingent of fans to keep the league alive.

The war would end, the men would return and the fans would return to what they knew. But the women, along with Arthur Meyerhoff would continue their tradition.

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