Watch: David Murphy thrown out on bizarre play

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What look to be a potential rally by the Cleveland Indians in the bottom of the seventh inning ended up being a momentum stopper as David Murphy was victimized by a second baseball.  Yan Gomes had a RBI double down right field wall with David Murphy rounding third hoping to cut the lead in half; but he hesitated and ended up in the crossfire.  Look and see what happens:  (via

The second ball accidentally got away from the bullpen and onto the field which is why Murphy was caught off guard.Seems like a dead ball foul here! Oops wrong sport!  I can’t believe they really called Murphy out on that play.  Murphy has a case and I don’t see why they didn’t overturn the call.  The potential rally ended up in a killjoy!  Glad this wasn’t the difference in the game, Cleveland was served a whoopin losing 9-2 to their state rivals, the Cincinnati Reds.

-LeRoy McConnell III

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