David Ortiz dismisses controversial column as reason for slump

  • David Whitlock
Credit: AP

Credit: AP

The question had to be asked, did Dan Shaughnessy’s Boston Globe May 8 column insinuating that Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz’s hot start was a result of PED’s, mostly based on circumstantial evidence of his Dominican Republic nationality get inside his head and lead to his stark downturn in offensive production?  First the numbers:

April 20 – May 7:  24-58 (.414), 4HR, 17RBI
May 8 – May 13: 1-17 (.059), 0HR, 0RBI, and 1 DNP/Benching

Ortiz, who took exception to the Shaughnessy’s conclusions, dismisses that it is affecting his play and pins it more an a previously undisclosed soreness.  He told Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes (via ESPNBoston.com):

“I’ve been dealing with a sore left side,” Ortiz said. “For that reason, I was pulling the ball rather than hitting it the opposite way.  “I was hurt in one of the first games when we returned home due to the cold, but I’m feeling better and soon will start hitting again.” he said.

Then when Rojas asked directly if the aforementioned column had affected his performance, Ortiz replied, “Not really, not really.”

“Not really”, which isn’t “not at all”.

Ortiz did turn his slump around in the first inning of Tuesday night’s game in Tampa with a 3-run home run off of previously nearly unhittable Matt Moore, so for now, the slump is over, and this is water under the bridge.  Unless it persists.  After all, Ortiz is 37-years-old and may not recover from something like an oblique injury like a 27-year-old might.  Without a little help in a bottle.

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