David Ortiz has advice for Chicago Cubs World Series drought

  • David Whitlock

Three-time World Champion David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox has a simple solution for the Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series in 105 years and counting.  Get rid of day games.  And he has anecdotal evidence to prove it.  The recent member of the 450 home run club offered his wisdom as the Sox host the lovable Cubbies in a battle of teams with really old stadia (via Jesse Rogers of ESPNChicago.com)

“Through the years I’ve talked to a lot of friends of mine that have played for the Cubs, the one thing that everyone talked about was the schedule in Chicago. They get excited walking into a city that’s based on baseball, but once they start dealing with the schedule it kind of mentally wears you down.”

It was “day baseball only” as late as 1988 when Wrigley Field, the friendly confines on the north side at Addison and Clark, installed lights.  In the spirit of tradition the Cubs have limited night games to 30 or fewer (up to 38 this year).  But some players are bothered by natural light (since 80% of most games are at night) and with travel, I could see Ortiz’s point.  If I were a ballplayer, I’d be intrigued by the idea of getting my job out of the way during the day in time to go to dinner with my wife or spend time with my kids.  But the stats don’t lie.  105 years.

Credit: Day baseball at Wrigley on WGN is what I grew up with Credit: http://allaroundtim.com/watching-a-game-at-historic-wrigley-field/

Day baseball at Wrigley on WGN is what I grew up with
Credit: http://allaroundtim.com/watching-a-game-at-historic-wrigley-field/

The Cubs haven’t even won a National League pennant since days after World War II (1945) and not a World Series since 1908.  We are nearing a point at which no human being walking the Earth was alive at the time the Cubs won the World Series.  which begs the question…if the Cubs win a World Series and nobody is alive to verify…did it really happen?

– David Whitlock

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