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Dodgers’ Mark Ellis Released From Hospital, Nearly Lost His Leg

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Good news came out of Los Angeles today, as Mark Ellis was released from the hospital after a nasty leg injury. Ellis injured his leg when Tyler Greene slid into second base. The leg injury occurred six days ago and some shocking news came out of his surgery.

According to Team physician Dr. Neal ElAttrache:

“Without treatment, Ellis was just a few  hours away from losing the lower part of his leg.”

A six-inch incision surgeons made in Ellis’ leg wasn’t immediately closed so it could continue to drain. Talk about scary!

Ellis is expected to be out for six weeks. Another health blow to the Dodgers who still maintain a healthy 6.5 game lead in the NL West. Good news is on the way though as superstar center fielder Matt Kemp is nearing his return and Juan Rivera is also on the mend.

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3 Responses to Dodgers’ Mark Ellis Released From Hospital, Nearly Lost His Leg

  • S. F. Giants fans have absolutely NO CLASS, are pathetic, and are as debase a species as I have ever experienced. Me, being a Dodgers Fan , was verbally assaulted concerning Mr. Ellis’s injury. Saying such things as ” He deserved it ” (losing his leg). and “that idiot had it coming” and if Ellis sued his ” case doesnt has a leg to stand on ” The sure venom spewing out of their mouths was sickening. And these were not coming from a few.. but MANY !!!

  • S.F. Giants fans are the most Debase and pathetic things Ive ever experienced. Me, being a Dodgers fan, was verbally assaulted concerning Mr. Ellis’s injury. saying such things as ” He desrves it (losing his leg)” and “that idiot cant play Ball” and ” if he sues ” his case doesnt have a leg to stand on”. And these comments were not from a select few but from MANY. They were not only directed at me but my friend as well. Ant to top it all off, a gust of wind had taken my cap off my head. One of the many picked it up and tossed it an additional 30 feet away so as to make my recovery a little more tedious.

  • as you can see there is no shame to the dodgers and giants rivalry,last year the giants fan got beat in LA,being a former dodger fan,(they just choked to many times).yes the battle is still being fought between the two storied franchies.who can for get rosebough and marachal.this is a fierce rivialy that has incompassed all theses year, and will continue to,so BLEEping live with it,yes you can suspend,fine, you can say what ever you want but,the two franchies will always be at eachother as will the fans

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