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What better way to draw fans to Progressive Field than dollar hot dog night!  It has been a gimmick way of bringing fans to see a major league baseball game for years.  Now don’t get me wrong, it helps to have a Cleveland Indians team playing some inspiring baseball so far this year.  But what is the big deal about the hot dogs in Cleveland?

Little over 34,000 Cleveland Indian’s fans piled into the ballpark tonight as the Indians hosted the Seattle Mariners.  This was the evening that all fans at Progressive Field were going home full as the Indians set an all-time hotdog sales record of 66,726.  On normal evenings the hotdogs usually cost $3.00.

Michael K. McIntyre of the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Nearly 16,000 dogs were sold before the first pitch, according to Chris Angne, general manager of Delaware North Companies. By the middle of the fifth inning an hour and a half later, the number was north of 51,000.

As great as the hot dog special was, fans have to remember why they are at the ballpark in the first place.  While fans were eager to stand in line at every concourse at Progressive Field they were missing a great game on the field.  Cleveland did beat Seattle tonight 6-3 in the tenth inning, on a three-run homer by Jason Kipnis; but I wonder how many fans were in line to get that last remaining hot dog?

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