Donald Trump blames Jeter’s injury and A-Rod struggling on not living in his apartments

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Donald Trump ripped Alex Rodriguez again!

Donald Trump has never been shy to voice his opinion. But one would think Trump is just being facetious with his tweets about Derek Jeter’s broken ankle injury. Alex Rodriguez may be a different story though as Trump is pretty blunt on Alex’s struggles. Trump says Alex was only good because the drugs made him great.

Trump went on to tweet about Jeter’s misfortunes and A-Rod’s struggles.


Donald Trump also says Rodriguez  should give back a portion of the mammoth 10-year $275 million contract he signed with the Yankees after the 2007 season. Rodriguez is making $29 million this season and is under contract with the team until 2017.

“A-Rod should donate his contract to charity,” Trump tweeted. “He doesn’t make the @yankees any money and he doesn’t perform. He is a $30M/yr rip off.”

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